New Look, Same Great Show (formerly Systems Made Simple)

One of my fav podcasts for inspiration!

Courtney is such a firecracker. She gives me the motivation I need to push past my fears and overcome my limiting beliefs! I found her a few months ago and have been binging her podcast ever since!

A Fantastic Coach and Podcast!

Courtney’s podcast and teachings will get you to your business GOALS. She is disciplined as she is creative, she is smart as she is savvy. Each episode of this podcast is crafted and delivered to send you the highest value and to encourage you to get the maximum benefit from your efforts! Highly highly recommended.

Love this!!!

I love this podcast so much!!! No matter where you are in your business, Courtney’s podcast meets you there with helpful tips to move you forward. I love that the episodes are under an hour and thus easier to consume. As someone working my way from being a corporate employee to an entrepreneur, I rely heavily on Courtney’s work to help me reach my goals for my business. She breaks it down and makes it so simple to align our actions with what we want for ourselves. Highly recommend!

Love her! :)

I recently started listening to/following Courtney and I love her voice/how she sounds and speaks so clearly, along with her energy! She is super knowlegeable, inspiring, and I truly feel she will give you the tools and action items to have a successful business while enjoying the work/life balance! She truly cares about people and goes out of her way for her clients and potential clients! :)

She’s know her stuff!

Courtney knows what she’s talking about! So do yourself a favour and listen in :). She was my coach for launching my podcast and I have 6500 downloads in two months! All thanks to her guidance!


Courtney is so knowledgeable, so easy to listen to (amazing voice!), and makes what she shares so easy to absorb and understand! Learning and implementing what she shares is so effortless. There's something in here that every single person can grow and benefit from! ❤️ Thank you for helping to make my life better!

Love this

This podcast really empowers women entrepreneurs and gives helpful advice as well which I adore so much. Looking forward to hearing more episodes!

Love this show!

Courtney is a true expert in her field! Thank you for shifting how I think about things in my career and in my life. You make my life effortLESS!

You’ll be happy you did!

Are you looking for a podcast that will inspire you, will help you along your entrepreneurial journey and will teach you about a winning mindset? If so, go ahead and hit subscribe to this one! Courtney breaks down business ideas and the inner work it takes to be successful without the 60 hr a week hustle. She’s just the right mix of positivity, real-ness and calm. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did (hit subscribe)!

So worth your time!

We have lots of podcasts to choose from and so many demands on our time. Clearly Courtney gets it. These episodes focus on helpful insights and actionable steps, all things we can apply to creating our own more “EffortLESS Life.” I’m grateful for her good work and excited to see new episodes in my podcast feed.

HECK YES to making business EFFORTLESS!!

I am so so grateful to Courtney! She’s making such a freaking huge impact through this podcast and her brand — I can relate so much to my business RUNNING ME instead of the other way around. Courtney’s mission and message is one I support 100%, and I’m so grateful to know her as a mentor, coach, and friend!!

She’s the real deal!

I have known Courtney for over 20 years and I can attest that she is 100% genuine. She really does care immensely about helping entrepreneurs to work effectively without the burdens of chronic stress and self-doubt. She’s faced these dragons herself and is now committed to helping others overcome them. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast, which really will give sound and practical advice.

Love this Podcast!!

Courtney is a ball of energy and a true joy to listen to. I love her take on making life easy and fun. I highly recommend this podcast if you’re seeking more out of life!!

Effortless and Effective

This is a great podcast, Courtney's styler and story is incredibly inspiring. A must-listen!

Need a jolt in your day?! :)

Love Courtney and her uplifting nature that seems as boundless as the sky! What a great way to spend part of your day listening to her podcast! I’m sure that you’ll find it as inspiring and helpful as those of us who have taken up to listening to it!!!

So valuable

I love how Courtney shares tips you can implement right away and shares real tactic-able tips. Her perspective on life, work and parenthood and appreciating the life we have is refreshing.

My new Go-To Podcast

I just love this podcast! Courtney is so knowledgeable and delivers value bombs at each episode. This podcast is not only for women! It’s applicable to everyone! Take a listen, you’ll just love it! 🙏💙 thanks Courtney!

This is amazing!!

Every episode has spoken directly to my heart! So so grateful for this!! 💯🥰👏🏼🤗🥂

You’ve got my attention !

Courtney is a flawless speaker that energizes the presentation with her charming personality. I love learning from her and looking forward to learning great life skills and self improvement in the near future. Courtney takes her great knowledge and skills to a whole new level with this wonderful podcast and makes it fun to listen and learn. Check it out as you will not be disappointed. This podcast has potential to change your life!

Effortlessly Effervescent

OMG!! Courtney and her podcast entered my life just when I needed her most. Her energy is contagious and it spills out of this podcast. Thank you, GOALFRIEND, for being shining a light. Entrepreneurship can get lonely, and Girl, you bring a bold effervescence that casts out all the darkness... just hurry up and make more episodes. 💖😊💖😊

Servant heart ❤️

Courtney and I met in Newport Beach, CA in September 2018. Her and I along with 8 other women were chosen by Jasmine Star to spend a day on brand building. It was one of the best weekends of my life! I love Courtney’s story and how she overcame cancer. She leads from the heart, is genuine and real. This podcast will add VALUE to your life and I know you’ll be blessed by her.

Wealth of knowledge

Courtney is a wealth of knowledge with an unbelievable passion to help entrepreneurs stress less and live in balance and harmony! She simplifies information so beautifully and gives “steps to take” in a manner that is realistic and easy to apply to every day life! She is a fun-loving mama who practices what she preaches and is a pleasure to work with!

The motivation I need to go through my day!

The EffortLESS Life is giving me the strength to live the hustle life behind and use my time smarter. Thank you for starting this awesome podcast! 🥳❤️


Not only does Courtney just validate all of your concerns, worries, but she gives you realistic and actionable solutions to help you feel less stress and in control. She is so easy to listen to and it warms my heart hearing her advice, especially if I’m having an off or hard day! Thankful and grateful for this podcast and for Courtney!

Love having Courtney’s encouraging words 24/7!

I have loved watching Courtney grow over the past years, but her passion for helping others has not changed one bit! Every talk that I have had with her has been motivating and uplifting needless to say. Now having her positive approach to all things stress being so accessible is AMAZING! I’m so happy that she has continued to grow her business in this way and set an example for aspiring leaders like myself!

LOVE this podcast!!

Courtney’s podcast is so motivational! It found me at the perfect time in my life, as a workaholic mom I often find myself not having enough energy for the relationships/friendships in my life. I am so excited and ready to apply all of her techniques in my everyday routines!

Knowing how to stress less & LIVING it are NOT the same thing!

I honestly thought I wouldn’t learn anything I didn’t already know, it sounds egotistical as I write that but I just listened to ALL the episodes because I was realizing that just knowing a bunch of information is not the same as living it, having a plan to actually benefit from this said wisdom, & aligning my life and business so I can stop living for the hope of a more peaceful & present tomorrow. I “know” how to be productive & eliminate stress (good for Me hahahahaha) but that does not mean I am IMPLEMENTING it! What I love most about this is how Courtney honours our knowledge, expertise, & mission as powerful women but lovely reminds us of an easier path. I have been on the “stress less” path for years & it is soooo easy to fall back into overwhelm and pushing towards our goals...this podcast is gonna be playing in my ears from now on as a constant reminder of the new way!!! Janelle

Totally Binge-Worthy

Courtney has an amazing way of making things simple and effortless! This podcast is totally worth the binge-listen!

Just what I needed!

Courtney’s podcast is a God-send! I needed reassurance that success is not defined by the hustle and the extra hours put in. Last week I found myself laid off from my 9-5, questioning my abilities and strengths. What about all the hours I put in? What about all the projects working on thankless tasks? What about all the overnight travel I did while my infant and toddler were at home with dad? They all meant nothing to the company in the end. That’s why I’m soaking up all the tips Courtney has. We need to use Courtney’s practical tips on how to change the stress-filled environment we create. I’m using my lay-off as a blessing and a chance to do something I am passionate about. Can’t wait to hear more!

Love Courtney’s Energy!

I first discovered Courtney in a Facebook group. She was always so helpful and offered amazing advise. I loved her energy. She is someone who you’d want to spend all the time you could with. Now you can! Courtney’s Podcast is full of amazing content, and helpful tips all delivered in a fun way that only Courtney can. You’ll love her podcast. I do. ❤️❤️❤️