New Look, Same Great Show (formerly Systems Made Simple)

Great Insights!

I’m so happy Courtney started this podcast. She’s the real deal, striving to live what she teaches both in wellness and business growth. Her podcast is full wisdom! Can’t wait to hear more!

I was so excited for the release of this podcast!

Running a podcast myself, I know how tough it is to produce a show, have genuine conversations and connections with guests, share insightful tips, etc. Let me tell ya—Courtney nails it all! She’s not only an inspiration for me when it comes to my own podcast, but I’m also learning SO many invaluable biz tips. Can’t wait for future eps!!

Very Good!

If you want to achieve a stress less life, definitely this podcast will help you tons!!! This show sounds so professional, the editing is totally on point and high-quality!

All the things I need to hear!

I’ve always been such a fan of Courtney’s work, and she is constantly providing us with amazing insight, advice, and knowledge! Can’t wait for more episodes!

Courtney makes it simple!

I love that Courtney speaks like she’s talking to her best girlfriend, she has great energy and positivity and get the important messages across so easily! Loving this podcast!


Wow. As a busy mom with a demanding career, this podcast really caught my attention! I am hooked so far and can’t wait to listen to more episodes. I can tell I will learn so much from Courtney!!! Definitely worth a listen!!

Game Changer

Courtney is SO good! I could instantly find the stress of being an entrepreneur disappearing just by the first episode. I can't wait to listen to more of her podcasts..this is just what I needed!

Great advice when trying to build a brand!!

Courtney has amazing tips to keep on track and reach your goals in a way that doesn’t feel stressful! I’m going to be putting her tips to work in building my new graphic design shop, And She is Driven Shop, and corresponding website!! I decided to take the leap to start my brand this year to empower other women and I am so excited to put Courtney’s advice into action!! Thank you for sharing your insights, Courtney!!

Walking her talk

I am loving her podcast. It makes you think about how to have it all without the stress and guilt. I’m open to more episodes!

We Need This Podcast!

I’ve been part of Courtney’s community on Instagram and was so excited to see she’d started a podcast! Like most young women, I’ve found myself stressed and burned out on multiple occasions. If you’re looking for guidance or permission to slow down and go for your dreams at the same time, this podcast was made for you! 🤩

Such a blessing!

Courtney is so knowledgeable at what she does and she does it with excellence! She has a natural gift of speaking and motivating you and pushing you to greatness! Subscribe now you would not be disappointed!

Courtney is so motivating!

I had the pleasure of hearing Courtney speak at a conference I attended last year. After hearing her speak I thought to myself this is what I need to help me move in the right direction. Of course I started following her right away. Once I heard about this podcast I knew it would be a must listen and I was 1000% right. The best part is, unlike at the conference where I could only hear her that one time, now she’s available to provide guidance, knowledge and motivation whenever I need it. Thanks Courtney!

Love everything about this woman!

Courtney is amazing! While I haven’t gotten to listen to all of the podcasts yet, if they are half as great as our one in one talks they will be truly inspiring! My life is hectic, chaotic, sometimes a mess. I’m a perfectionist and a recovering workaholic. Courtney’s effortLESS insights are just what a busy momma/businesswoman needs.

Must Listen!

So many great life nuggets, and it’s refreshing to hear we don’t have to stress to create a life that fills us up. Plus, Courtney’s voice just makes me smile:)

Excited for this new addition to my podcasts!

I thrive on inspiring people and on people inspiring me! I seek the latter daily! Fuels my fire - so it is something I do for myself! But the stress and overwhelm are real! Am I doing enough? Question of my life this last year as I grow my health coaching business! I’m slowly learning to trust that I AM ENOUGH. I can’t wait to learn more from Courtney!

Excellent Podcast. My New Favorite!

Courtney is very motivational and inspiring! I will be tuning in every week!


Courtney is such an inspiration! Love her!

Insightful, Inspirational, and ACTIONABLE

Courtney is such a gifted communicator! She takes big complex topics and breaks them down in a way that’s so easy to understand and implement. I love the deep conversations she has on the show, she’s not afraid to lean in and ask you questions that really make you think differently and challenge you to shift your perspective, all while making you feel fully supported along the way. A MUST LISTEN!!!

Best Podcast EVER!!!

This podcast has changed my life!!


THIS is the podcast you need to listen to if you're ready to excel in your life, business, and passions. Courtney speaks with knowledge and love, in a way that feels like you are sitting right next to her. She shares her insight because she is ready and willing to work with you to help up level your life. 10/10 would recommend her podcast to anyone who wants more out of their life!!!

She’s the real deal

Courtney lives this stuff. Her delivery is spot on and authentic because her life is in alignment with her principles. I love the information and how she shares it. You’re gonna want to listen to this!

Hit that subscribe button...

if you want to up level your life and business!! So much goodness in this podcast🙏🏼

EffortLess StressLess Life

Been following for a month now and love all your advice! Enjoyed the “How not to set Goals” podcast this morning 😊will be listening to another one tonight! Love all your advice!

clarity IN life, FOR life

After graduating college, I struggled to tolerate the demands of the 9-5 and accept the fact that grooving to this work flow would be the future of my life until retirement 🥴 I also had struggles in telling people no, being clear with my goals and following through with them. However Courtney opened up the door to a whole world of possibilities in changing that gloomy, mediocre fate. She worked with me in defining specifically, what it was I wanted in life and how my work could be a direct reflection of that. She showed me amazing techniques to redefine my reality and build a positive, meaningful life for myself. She also helped me to be inspired and confident to live authentically myself— not to hustle but to align. She’ll give you clarity in your life, for life! Take a listen and start living effortlessly ✨

How to Achieve Happiness without the Hustle!

Courtney has life revelations that are gifted to others through this amazing series. I’m grateful to know her and hear this incredible content. Thank you for your heart and intellect, your test..the testimony. You are amazing and so are your podcasts. Thank you so much for making a difference in my reality!

Align to shine!

Working with Courtney has been a complete game changer for my career and my LIFE!!! Understanding that stress is a symptom of a deeper issue and not simply the state in which we’re expected to live was SO refreshing! I have learned to prioritize, streamline, and be selective in my tasks, which has resulted in fewer hours spent at the office, MORE income, WAY less stress, and a happier (and healthier!) life. Get ready for some truth bombs, nuggets of wisdom, and a chance to FINALLY exhale—and still be a TOTAL girl boss!!

Courtney is gold!

I haven’t even listened to all the episodes yet and I can tell you this much: Courtney’s heart for serving others shines through everything she does. You won’t regret subscribing!

A dose of fresh air!

Courtney’s tone and ease about her makes me feel like I can accomplish anything with ease. Pair this Podcast with all that she has taught me our life coaching sessions and I’m set. I’m already breathing a sigh of relief that I don’t have to live overwhelmed. I have a new “normal.” Thank you Courtney’s you are truest living in your purpose!


This show turns everything we think to be true about stress and overwhelm on its head, and offers such a refreshing new approach to the “hard work and hustle” mindset that’s so deeply engrained in our Western culture. If you’re a high-achiever who wants to maximize your influence and impact without maxing out your energy or effort, do yourself a huge favor and add this show to your heavy rotation ... you’ll be glad you did!!

Amazing & Motivating!

This podcast is exceptional! Courtney is an inspiration to so many who are experiencing stress and overwhelm in their business and everyday lives. I've learned so much from her and continue to learn something new in every episode. Thank you Courtney!