New Look, Same Great Show (formerly Systems Made Simple)

Fantastic guests & topics

Courtney is a wonderful host who has a wide variety of guests on her show. I especially love the episode about Inboxes! A must-listen.

How Embracing Problems Can Unlock Your Full Potential

This was such a helpful episode for me, today! Thank you Courtney, for yet another great podcast!!

Amazing Podcast!

I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. I’ve met Courtney in person during a conference she spoke at. She has a wealth of knowledge Love tuning in!

Mindset and Strategies

Courtney and her guests unlock what you might have been missing thus far in your business. Tune in to hear about the perspectives and action steps that have freed up time and mental bandwidth for other entrepreneurs like you.

One of my favorites

I'm a podcats host myself, and my show is titled Podcasting Made Simple... Courtney and I think in a very similar fashion about organization. I've learned a lot from her and from her guests on this show. A+ a must listen if you're looking to build better systems!

Putting the Simple in Systems!

Courtney flawlessly brings everything systems to the table, leaving out all the struggle and questions that come with it. This is an excellent go-to podcast for those that are just starting out in business and need some extra motivation to get out of operating IN their business and being the CEO/Founder OF their business! Can’t wait to binge listen to see what more I can apply in my work-life balances!

Real & helpful!

Courtney provides helpful and actionable advice for growing your business, without the stress! I love how practical her episodes are. She clearly articulates her ideas. You can she cares about helping us. I definitely recommend giving her podcast a listen!

Interested and interesting

Courtney brings the best out of her guests in order to bring value to the listeners. You’ll want to binge these episodes!

Such a wonderful person

Courtney puts it all together. Her insights are so valuable and help me realize that I can do it with the right knowledge and attitude. She makes me understand answers to questions I never thought to ask. Such a gem. I just listened to her episode with Sean Foley for the second time. I really gained so much information. Courtney and her guests get me to ask myself the important questions that challenge me to look at my podcast in a new way. Love it. DJ

Great insights, great guests!

I listened to the recent episode with Angela Henderson and it had some great insights into understanding the difference between stress and burnout and how to limit the occurrences of both. This episode is so applicable to a wide audience! As a small business owner, I wear many hats in order to expand my business and burnout can be very real. This episode gave me ideas on how to implement some of the best practices mentioned to keep growing while being as efficient and effective as possible to further drive leads, conversions, and revenue. Courtney did a great job personalizing Angela’s experiences and expertise as a leader to be applicable for your listeners - a true testament to her hosting.

Courtney speaks to me!

Every podcast that I listen to, I feel as though Courtney is speaking to me! She has a way of really speaking to my heart and leaves me with so much to think about in my day to day. As a business owner, I can get really caught up in the chaos. She reminds me to focus on my “Zone of Genius” and stay in the lane that brings me joy!!

Excellent podcast!

Systems Made Simple is a delightful and insightful podcast. Courtney Elmer shares her own valuable ideas and interviews entrepreneurs about actions and strategies for success. If you have your own business or are thinking of starting one, this is a great podcast for you.

Love podcasts from Courtney!

I love her podcasts! Very inspiring!

Love this!!!

I love this podcast so much!!! No matter where you are in your business, Courtney’s podcast meets you there with helpful tips to move you forward. I love that the episodes are under an hour and thus easier to consume. As someone who just retired from Corporate and is now focusing solely on my business, I depend so much on Courtney’s work to help me lay a solid foundation for my business. I know I will succeed by following her advice, the benefits I’ve received from her podcast and EffortLESS Life Academy have already yielded huge value. Highly recommend!

Ready to scale my biz

Thanks, Courtney, for a podcast dedicated to helping us scale out businesses to the next level

Great show!

I've gotten some great insights from this show-including how to launch my own podcast. I ended up ranking within the first week with Courntey's tips!


I highly recommend listening to this podcast for some inspiration and to hear valuable tips to help you and your business grow!

Such a wonderful person

Courtney puts it all together. Her insights are so valuable and help me realize that I can do it with the right knowledge and attitude. She makes me understand answers to questions I never thought to ask. Such a gem. DJ

A breath of fresh air!

So many great life nuggets, and it’s refreshing to hear we don’t have to stress and hustle to create a life that fills us up. Plus, Courtney’s voice just makes me smile:)

Fantastic Host, Show and Methodology

Courtney is an amazing host and delivers very valuable information in such a captivating way. Her method, brand and easily implement strategies are game changing. This show is for anyone who wants to live an more EFFORTLESS life! Highly recommend!!

A gem of a show! 💎

Love Courtney, her show and all that she stands for. So thankful for her positive energy and simple, mom friendly tips to build a business with heart!!

Practical + Actionable!

Courtney gives such practical and actionable advice on every episode — the goal is to create an effortless life, and she teaches just that... effortlessly! Highly recommend this show to all those bosses who are starting to feel burned out but still want to grow in their businesses!

Amazing and Refreshing

Courtney’s knowledge and powerful way of delivering such great content is so refreshing. You can hear her heart and soul in each episode! I highly recommend this podcast and her company The Effortless Life!

Dang this podcast is GOOD!

I love Courtney’s no nonsense approach to all things life and business. So makes the most complicated things seem so simple and easy. Thanks Courtney for all of your amazing advice!

Amazing and fun !

I’ve known Courtney a long time and am so excited that she’s sharing her talents and energizing ideas ! Melanie Dalmado

Keeping it in my weekly rotation!

Courtney has an unwavering commitment to helping people work smarter - and I mean REALLY smarter - with the best vetted strategies and leading edge approaches. As an entrepreneur with autoimmunity issues, this whole approach gives me LIFE. Thanks Courtney, for unearthing the treasures and sharing so generously.

Stop hustling and make business effortLESS

I love this podcast. After months and months of hustling, trying to gain traction in my business, I found Courtney! Her message of doing less resonated with me and I’m so grateful for this podcast. Since following her strategies and adopting the motto of letting business be effortLESS, my business has not only grown exponentially, but so has my life. So grateful for Courtney and this podcast!!

This show is a must-listen!

Wow!!! Courtney is brings so much value in this show. She is an amazing host and interviewer, and brings on amazing guests! She also has the most soothing voice. I could listen to her all day! 🎉💛

Wow!! Courtney is AMAZING!!!

I love the Effortless Podcast and Courtney! She breaks exactly what you need to do less and produce more and it’s done in a way that reflects on her own unique experiences. I highly recommend this incredible podcast and working with Courtney! She’s awesome!!

Must Listen if You Have or Considering a Podcast

If you've even been considering a podcast or have one that's not where you want it - this is a must listen! Sooo so good! Great info/tips for sure! I've done all the how-to's on creating, but nothing on making it successful. This was truly gold!!