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March 21, 2023

Insider Secrets for Landing a TEDx Talk with Michael Marcial

Insider Secrets for Landing a TEDx Talk with Michael Marcial

As an online business owner, which of these pillars are you currently excelling at: marketing, selling, or fulfillment (aka onboarding new people into your offers and programs)?

If you’re like most digital entrepreneurs, you’re good at one or two of these crucial components of success, but you’ve yet to master all three.

Well, today’s guest, Michael Marical, reveals how having your very own TEDx talk can help you with all three in one fell swoop!

Inside this episode, you’re going to learn:

  • How Michael went from living in his car to bringing in tens of millions of dollars in new offline and online business
  • Why having one 15-minute TEDx Talk can do more for your marketing and lead generation than thousands of hours on Instagram or TikTok
  • How you can begin to hone your big idea, clarify your message, and share that message with the world

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Michael Marical  0:00  

If you've spent your life climbing this massive mountain, you're at the top now. It's taken hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice for years and years and years, and you get to this, this peak. If you look down and there's 1000s Millions of people waiting for you to tell them how to climb that mountain. What's the one thing you would tell them?

Courtney Elmer  0:25  

Globally ranked among the top shows in business and education. We're known for helping overworked online business owners navigate the ups and downs on the way to seven figures. Each week, you're going to learn how to get the right systems structure and support in place. So you can build a self sustaining business that thrives in a rapidly changing digital environment, and grow through what you go through to create the greater income, influence and impact you deserve. This is Anti-Fragile Entrepreneurship™. 

Courtney Elmer 

Welcome back, you're listening to the Anti-Fragile Entrepreneurship™. And I'm sitting here with a very special guest today and friend of mine, Michael Marciel, who, after going from living in his car, homeless, to bringing in 10s of millions of dollars in new business, both online and offline, has narrowed down his secrets to success to three major pillars, marketing, sales, and fulfillment. Sound familiar? It should. If you're a longtime listener, it should come as no surprise given that these are three of the four systems that we talk about all the time here on the show that every online business owner needs to scale and to build a self sustaining business. And like us, Michael has also noticed that generally speaking, overlooked online business owners are great at one or two of these pillars, but they're not great at all three. And usually they focus on the ones that they're good at at the expense of the others, which makes for inconsistency in your business somewhere.

Courtney Elmer 

Whether that's inconsistent leads, or inconsistent revenue, or inconsistent client retention, clients not re upping their contracts clients not referring their friends to you. But inside of today's episode, Michael is going to reveal how having your very own TEDx talk can help you market sell and onboard new clients in one fell swoop. Now, I don't know about you. But to me, that sounds like the definition of effortless, write less effort more results. Because think about it, you could spend 10,000 hours trying to reach your ideal audience on Instagram or Tiktok. I mean, I didn't do the math here. But I think it's safe to say that is a whole lot of Instagram reels. Or you could give 115 minute talk on the biggest stage on the planet and get in front of 10s of 1000s of potential new leads at one time. That's what I'm talking about. So Michael and his team over at thought leader has helped over 500 people do this successfully. And he's here today to help you figure out how to hone your big idea, clarify your message, and share that message with the world literally, through the power of TEDx.

Courtney Elmer  3:31  

Michael, welcome. I am so pumped for this conversation today. Let me just say like, I'm excited.

Michael Marical  3:37  

Courtney Elmer, I've been ready for this for like forever. So here we are now. And I can't wait for your audience to peep what we're about to drop for them. Yes.

Courtney Elmer  3:46  

Well, you know, one of the big, you know, themes that I've been hinting at for our conversation today is this idea of how do you land a TEDx talk, you know, everyone in our community wants to be seen as a respected thought leader. You know, they're either building a business where they are the thought leader within that business, they're building a personal brand, they're building a brand where they want that recognition. They want that authority, they want that visibility, but it's more than that. They want the connection with their audience. Right. And that's been a big piece of my own journey. Connection has always been an important piece. So it's not so much the vanity metrics and the the accolades and the little plaques we can put on our walls and our offices, those things are great. 

Courtney Elmer 

But I think it goes deeper than that. For a lot of people. It's two sides of a coin. And there was something that I was reading on the thought leader website that just like, oh, it was just a punch to the gut. Because on there you guys talk about how, you know your message will never truly matter. Without an audience that's willing to listen. And I think as online business owners, we all feel this so deeply. I mean, I was just talking with someone in my DMs this week, who's like, you know, I'm doing all these things that experts are telling me to do to get traction and I have no traction. Right and like we know on some level It doesn't matter how amazing our message is, it doesn't matter how awesome the content is, in your podcast, it doesn't matter how cool your reels are that you put out, if you don't have an audience to actually consume and engage with that content, then what do you have? And I think that's the frustration for a lot of us as business owners. So I'd love to just start there and hear a bit about you know, okay, thinking about how do we land a TEDx talk? Where do we have to start in that process? In that process? Is it refining our message? Or is it building the audience? Or does it kind of happen concurrently?

Michael Marical  5:33  

So good Courtney Elmer. This is exactly where I was hoping we would kick this thing off. Because you're right, if if a tree falls in the forest, and there's no one to hear it, is there even a forest to begin with? Right? And I'll answer your question with a 32nd anecdote is that most business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, experts, authors, whatever you call yourself, however you identify there, we tend to try to go the long way first, right, we're going to create, you know, a million reels, we're going to post on social million times, we're going to do every activity under the sun. And that will get us to six figures, right? That'll get us to whatever the satisfactory point is, or maybe it's not satisfactory. But it moves us forward, and it feels productive. On the flip side, when you really start breaking down some of the most successful personal brands, businesses, they tend to think a little differently, they, they tend to think the opposite. Okay, so instead of let me do all the activity to build my audience, why don't we instead of looking at the 8020 rule, right, we're, you know, we're, we're all familiar there, why don't we look at the 99. One rule, what's the one activity I can do that moves the 99% result, you know, needle. And so that's, that's where we have to start, we have to start thinking differently about about, you know, it's not like you said, it's not the vanity metrics, but it's, it's the impact we're trying to make, you know, the people's lives that we are trying to shift the service, the offer that we are putting out into the world. 

Michael Marical

And that's, that's how we're thinking within thought leaders. So we are bringing people into a new way of thinking about that. And it's for some people absolutely, talking about landing a TEDx talk, putting your message in front of 38 million plus subscribers on their YouTube channel, having millions of new people know, like, and trust you and want to work with you can be scary. That is terrifying, right? So without diving into the psychological part of that, right, the subconscious belief systems and all this stuff, and you know, we can we can go in there if we want. But, but that aside, that's how the successful are really doing this. They're going big, building their audience, and now their content, their mission, their message their voice has, has a desire for it, there's a compelling reason for people to listen. And that's what you read on the website. And that's how we that's how we approach this thing Courtney Elmer.

Courtney Elmer  8:06  

That makes so much sense to me. And it's something that I feel like we hear occasionally in business, right? What's the one thing you can do today that will move the needle? What's the biggest task on your list that needs to get done that, you know, will help clear up space for the other things? What's the one hire you can make, in order to free up your time to get back on the front end, where you need to be doing marketing, doing sales being the face of your brand, but I think for a lot of us, myself included? Because this is something that you know, I still have to check myself on regularly is how do we figure out what that one thing is? So I'm curious to hear your take on that. And also, of course, in the context of messaging, right? And we'll get there but like, how do we figure out what our message is to know what the one thing is that we need to focus on, right, and then can take the steps in terms of actionable things like doing a TEDx talk, or writing a book or whatever it may be to get that message out to the marketplace?

Michael Marical  9:00  

Yeah, this this is the fun part. Because if you're if you're saying to yourself, Yeah, I'm ready for something different. I want to think different approach my business different. You know, what's that one thing? Well, that that idea can absolutely permeate into the TEDx world, right? Because if you've ever watched any amount of TED or TEDx talks, every talk has one idea. It's what is that one idea worth spreading? My partner Taylor he, he uses the analogy of like, if you've spent your life climbing this massive mountain, you're at the top now. It's taken hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice for years and years and years. And you you get to this, this peak. If you look down and there's 1000s Millions of people waiting for you to tell them how to climb that mountain. What's the one thing you would tell them that if they took action on they could get to the top? They could move forward? 

Michael Marical

They could take the next step. They they can change their life. So when you think of it in terms of that, it's like, okay, yes, this becomes massively important to do. Right. And so I look at it this if we break it down to practicality, like if you're listening to this and you want to do one action, we broad stroke, you know, look at our talks as content and context. Okay, so content is what is it that we are trying to get across? That's what's that one idea? worth spreading? Right? And why why does that matter? What What about that thing are we trying to get across? So, for example, we have a client, Lea Nash, he is his talk is about escaping porn addiction. Okay, escaping porn addiction. He's got over 4 million views, hundreds of paid speaking gigs now, which he was doing a lot of free speaking before that a lot of activity he was doing the 8020 rule is more like the 5050 rule, like 50 activities to see 50% of his results coming from that there. And now, what's that?

Courtney Elmer  11:01  

I said, been there? Been there?

Michael Marical  11:03  

Yeah, well, we've all been there. We've all been there Courtney Elmer. If you're feeling this, this is perfect for you. Because now when he steps on that TEDx, he's got an explicitly clear message escaping porn addiction. What is he a thought leader around porn? Addiction, that's the content. Right? So when he's on top of that mountain, he's like, Hey, this is my piece of content. This is my message I need to get this across. But what's the context? Right, because we can talk about porn addiction, a lot of different ways. His is escaping from Okay, escaping from in that talk is so explicitly clear that millions and millions of people have watched, shared, loved commented, followed his journey on his website, actually bought his book hired him to speak, hire him as a corporate trainer, and millions of dollars later, his life is different. Right. And it's not about the dollars, not about the accolades, not about the plaque on the wall, right. But we look at income as a measure a metric of the impact that we've that we've made, if we have value, somebody is going to exchange the dollars that they care very little for now, for that for that amazing content. So that's the way we look at content, what is your thing? 

Michael Marical

What's the one thing you would shout from the mountaintop to help people move forward? And why? What's the wrap around that? So it could be you know, maybe you are a holistic, you know, health practitioner, you have some modality that you that you serve your energetic healing, right, but energy healing is your thing, maybe the specific modality, fill in the blank? And what about that? How do we apply that? What's the context? To me clicking on this one video, listen to this one idea. Your business coach, great. Is your thing marketing? Is it sales? Is it systems? Is it fill in the blank? What about systems? Right? And that piece right there, like I don't want that I'm talking about a lot, because this is the thing, right? It's gotta be so compelling that it's Oh, my gosh, they're talking to me, I need to watch this video I need to share with all my people. Right? And that's, that's what we're, that's what we're really talking about here Courtney Elmer.

Courtney Elmer  13:15  

That analogy makes so much sense. Because, you know, I feel like when we live within our business, we're so close to our business, we're so close to what we do, we're so close to the thoughts in our head of how do I say what I need to say, you know, in a conversational way, from a marketing perspective, right on my website, you know, and, and it can become very muddy and very cloudy. And, you know, you and I have had this conversation separately. And I just recently went through this experience in my own business, you know, we've got these two amazing offers. There's all of these interests that I have personally and professionally. And I always felt like there was something that wove those things together. But it was so difficult for me to articulate. But kind of looking at it as, okay, if I were on the top of the mountain, I had one thing to say, and this is the thing, you know, I'm clear on what that is now, and it just, Oh, I'm just so excited.

Courtney Elmer 

 It just brings me so much energy and so much joy, because it's like, oh, I have that clarity. But I also know what it's like to kind of be on the side of the mountain or at the bottom of the mountain, like, you know, not really knowing what that thing is. And so for those listening today, who kind of made me feel that way where they're like, Okay, maybe I have like four things at the top of the mountain, right? Because I have this thing and my personal angle had this thing, my business angle to what you were just saying, you know, what would you say about for them, right? Because we know we're all more than what we do. But some of us kind of just dim our own light to where it's just, oh, this is what I do.

Michael Marical  14:41  

Right? Right. 100% I love that you brought, you know, loot your own brand into this because you nailed it anti fragile entrepreneurship Courtney Elmer. It could have been parenting, it could have been anti fragile, super, super cool human being because that's who you are. Right? You could have used that in a lot of different But you freaking nailed that. And yeah, we work with a lot of multi passionate people, you know, people that, you know, have their personal interests, various aspects of their expertise that they want to showcase. In fact, one of our clients, Katie did five different TEDx talks, because she had five different messages, really for five different audiences. And they all now lead to her five offers, which is essentially the same offer rebranded and repositioned for five different audiences. It's amazing. And so she gets to live in you know, that that impact world all day every day, and those TEDx talks get to do the heavy lifting. But that's that's the point that we're, I guess, driving it here, if we talk about being anti fragile in entrepreneurship, the most fragile is when you have one thing, you have your social media, you have DMS, you have speaking for free a lot, you have fill in the blank most most, most entrepreneurs, that's where they're at. 

Michael Marical

They're hanging on a prayer for the one, you know, avenue that they're using to acquire new clients. And that's fragile, right? That's fragile. When we look at anti fragile, when I think about that, in the context of what we do with TEDx. It's like, Huh, what if you just had millions of people know you and know you as the expert, and can only think of you in this one context. So when they have that issue, they're buying your book, they're following your social, they're approaching you. They're sharing you they are Val evangelical for you. Right, we think of Brene Brown, who was not Brene Brown before her TEDx talk, we think of Simon Sinek. Same thing, blew it up 58 plus million views later. Right. And, you know, we can't separate ourselves from those people, because they are regular people that are passionate about their thing. And just like you, you've honed in and will continue to hone in, that message will continue to change that is okay. But But having said that, let's step on top of the mountain. We're ready for that. Everyone's ready. I'm the most regular dude you will ever meet, giving a TEDx talk and now getting to speak on stages with amazing I won't name drop, but amazing, amazing, world changing entrepreneurs, and then this guy, you know what he mean? It shouldn't make sense. But what are all of those people have in common, they were willing to step on top of the mountain, say their piece and people listen to. So that's our mission, we just want to help more of those people get on top.

Courtney Elmer  17:34  

Well, I'm an evangelical follower of you guys like this is amazing. I think it is something that every person who wants to be seen as a respected thought leader needs to think about. And I know that there are people who are listening to this right now who love the idea of having that kind of recognition, visibility, and clarity on what they're here to do and how they're here to serve. But how can we get that clarity, I mean, that the top of the mountain thing is great. But to your point about Katie, you know, she's got these five different things, which actually, to me, hearing that little side note here was kind of refreshing, because it's like, Oh, it doesn't have to just be one thing. And that's my only thing forever. And at the very end of what you were just saying, you said, you know, it will continue to evolve. And I'm so glad you bring that up. Because I think messaging is something that so many of us, I'm guilty of this, I did this for many years in my business was I thought, if I could just figure out my message, then that's it, I can check that box in my brain and I can go about my business, I can hire a copywriter who can write that I can just pump that message out there. But the reality is, it's always evolving. I think that's kind of a difficult thing to contend with. At least it has been for me, have you found that with the people that you've worked with as well?

Michael Marical  18:52  

Yeah, yeah. 100%. You know,Courtney Elmer,  I think that is the human nature. I mean, as we grow, as we learn, as we have new information, things are bound to change. You know, it's, it's going to happen, and that's okay. Right. And the beautiful part about what we do with our clientele, is they know the process of landing a TEDx talk specifically. So they'll see us go through the process with them. They're trained up, they get it, because yeah, two years from now, if it's like, wait a minute, this message is is blossoming into something else. You know, you don't want to necessarily pigeonhole yourself into whatever, you know, the former version is will cool, awesome. Go through the land, another TEDx talk, craft another signature talk, you can shift that message at any time. There's nothing you know, written in stone that says you have to be and do the same thing forever. That's just not human nature. Right. Otherwise, I'd still be crawling on the ground, you know, wearing a diaper and well, you know, that doesn't sound so bad. Like, have somebody feed me like, actually, that sounds pretty good. I might refer to that but we would be the saint we'd be we would be the you know, the infantile the other version. Forever. We don't need to do that. There's nothing that says you have to do that. So moving that thing forward is amazing. 

Michael Marical

And that's what we hope for, you know, with the exposure that some of our clients get, like some of them, you know, they come in, they didn't think of writing a book, that was never a thing for them. Right? They wanted to be a speaker, they want to get their message out, coaching, whatever it is. And now all of a sudden, they were approached by, you know, some of the world's largest publishers saying, Hey, I loved your freaking talk. We have a need for this content. Would you write a book if we gave you $100,000? In cash upfront? Yeah, maybe I would, I would consider it. Right. That's pretty freakin great. And now we're an author. That's a whole different identity. Right? And that, but that's a good thing. We want those things, you know, all of the greats that we can think of some point they were not a speaker, author, fill in the blank. And so let's let's move the needle forward, and doesn't always have to revolve revolve around TEDx. But in life and business, absolutely. Keep growing, reinvent, serve more people. Like that's what it's really all about. So if we can, if we can hang on that not check the box off forever, but understand it's an evolving process. And if you see an opportunity for growth, reaching more of your people serving them better, like you have an obligation to do so.

Courtney Elmer  21:14  

Yeah, absolutely. You know, to your point about how things change and evolve, and the message from two years ago, might not be the message today, I saw a post recently this week from Adam Grant, I don't know if you follow him. He's the author of think big and a bunch of other books. And it's fascinating to watch and learn how this guy thinks, because he thinks differently than your average person thinks. And to me that's fascinating in and of itself. But he put a post out on his Instagram that has a million plus followers. And he said, you know, basically, he came out and said that Myers Briggs, and all these Personality Typing tests are outdated, and we shouldn't use them anymore. And that's a pretty controversial stance, right? Cuz there's a lot of people who use all these Personality Typing systems, within their business with their team with their hiring, their leadership, I mean, you name it, we use those things. 

Courtney Elmer 

We use them to find out more about ourselves, that as I sat there and kind of took in what he was saying, I thought, you know, that is a really interesting perspective. And it's showing a shift now, and I don't know if this was the algorithm after the point, right, but I saw a few other messages that were speaking of that, probably because I engaged with that thing. And I liked that specific piece of content. But it just made me think about how, you know, for years, we have kind of looked at Myers Briggs is the end all be all, when it comes to personality typing. I mean, there's a bunch of different things out there you could look at, but that's kind of the number one known one that we all go to. And that's changing. And that's okay. And it's so interesting to me, right? We evolve, we grow, things change, and it's different. It is very, very much an evolution and not a fixed thing. 

Courtney Elmer 

And I think, you know, if nothing else, I mean, you've already dropped some major, like useful, insightful knowledge bombs here today. But like, for you listening, walk away with that, like, the idea that messaging is not fixed. It's not fixed, and never will be, and will always be an evolution. So Michael, I'm curious to know, like, could you just kind of like, take us behind the curtain a little bit like into your process, you know, when you take someone through your process of how to land a TEDx talk, and remember, in the past, you've told me most people pitch what is it like 80 plus times they never hear back, it's like this slog to try to even get noticed. But yet, you guys take these people through this process. And then basically, their first pitch gets them their talk, like they land it. What is that process? Can you kind of give us a little inside look there?

Michael Marical  23:36  

Okay, curtain is sliding back, we're walking in, it's pretty neat. It's a cool vibe Courtney Elmer. So ya know, it's, it's a tried and true process, we've helped over 550 people to land their very own TEDx talks. And the process doesn't change, you know, myself, our founder, tailor he's done for TEDx talks himself. And, and with that, it's, it's more about understanding how to communicate your value to TEDx, then what your idea is, and it's, it's, it takes Yes, you want to have a phenomenal idea, content and context, kind of, like we talked about. But number one, if you're going to see all these amazing outcomes that our clients are seeing, you got to land the talk first. So that's where we start going through the application process. You know, from the title of your talk to the structure to video applications to knowing which events or even taking applications, all of these little things add up to people taking years if ever to land their own talk, okay, there's the the massive hurdle that they usually have to come across.

Michael Marical

 So they are they're applying a bunch, you know, 100 plus times, and it's crickets. They're not hearing anything back. And so you kind of have to speak the language of TEDx what they're looking for. We know that in spades. We know exactly what that looks like. So the application process becomes very, very simple. And we get very selective. So we want you on the right stages with with the right themes that are going to champion you. And very realistically, on the logical side, we also want them to promote you heavily to all of the TED platforms, the website gets another 30 million views, or visitors every month, a lot of our clients land there, because their talks are so freakin good. And if we can communicate that upfront to the TEDx organizer, who's looking at their stage as a as their own reflection of their quality, and a lot of them are event organizers, and this is kind of showcasing their skills and built in business, if we can give them an amazing product, and we can communicate them our value upfront, we are a shoo in. Okay, and so with, with that being said, the application process also keeps the end in mind. Okay, we reverse engineer this. So this is why in our program, we actually guarantee that you will have a bare minimum of 50,000 views on your talk within 90 days. Well, it's not just for the social proof. It's not just for Hey, pat ourselves on the back. Because all these people are sharing and loving and enjoying it. It's so that we can tell the event organizer upfront, we will have a bare minimum of 50,000 views marketed within 90 days for your talk on your stage, like, oh my goodness, nobody else can tell me that. 

Michael Marical

We're a shoo in now, or an absolute shoo in. So application processes first, typically. Second for us as the talk writing process. Okay, so making sure that we can deliver a professional high level talk, as we've presented for that organizer. That's a lot of fun. Our coaches are world class, they are amazing. You know, and so that's, that's the second part. A lot of us love that part. We have the delivery, right, it's time to stand on that red dot, look at that audience. Look at the cameras, lights, camera action is go time. That's the fun part, we'll prep you for that. There's no arms and ahhs and oh, I forgotten. Oh, I don't what's next. So we'll get you through that 15 minute talk or less than a 10 minute talk. And then the fun part on the back end is is getting this, you know, put out to as many people as as we can specific people that deserve to hear your message. So we do art, like I said, we do our own marketing for our clients. 50,000 plus views is our guarantee. And then you know, you're leveraging that as well. So you can see some really insane results right off the bat. Actually one of our clients, Mike, I was just chatting with him last week, he's just now crossed the six figure mark from paid speaking and coaching from a talk that just I mean, he's less than 6000 views already on his talk. So I can only imagine what happens when we get them to 60,000 views. Wow, you know what I mean, when we 10x has results from that. So small hinges swing big doors, we're looking at the nuts and bolts, but we're doing it at a high level Courtney Elmer

Courtney Elmer  27:54  

makes so much sense. You know, a question that comes to my mind that I'm just wondering that some of our listeners might be curious about is, okay, this sounds amazing. You know, TEDx can actually really propel me forward. But what's the difference between TEDx and Ted?

Michael Marical  28:09  

Yeah, yeah, a lot of people ask, you know, and TED and TEDx, the way that I describe it is that the X stands for exposure. Okay, Ted, the platform is awesome. That's kind of where it all originated. And it's still very much so rooted in research and facts and figures and things like that, which is great. It's just a very specific kind of audience that looks at that content. Ted X being you know, independently organized, they are building they've built this thing for exposure, millions and millions and millions of, you know, subscribers on the YouTube channel, and people that love the brand, etc. That's what it's really for. So, so we kind of, again, we think differently here. We want as many amazing people to hear your message. TEDx is built for exposure bottom line Courtney Elmer.

Courtney Elmer  28:56  

Oh, fascinating. I didn't know that. I remember when TEDx kind of originated and came onto the scene. And now it feels like it's been there forever, you know, is a staple. But it makes a lot of sense. And the way that the way that it's marketed and where they have these all over, you know, different cities and all of that. It's really interesting. They're there. They're creating thought leaders. That's what they want. Yes. Fascinating. So Michael, feel like we've covered a lot of ground here today, this has been so valuable. For those that are listening, you know, as we've talked about, you know, you know, they're in the online business space, you know, they're in this space where they're trying to figure out their message. They're trying to figure out what those signature offers are, they may or at some point in that process, right, they might have some things figured out, but not others. Point being they're not quite where they want to be yet in business. And, you know, we've talked a lot about how a TEDx talk can really help them get there, right, the 1% that really moves the needle, how to clarify what your big idea is, you know, how to get clear on that, how to start communicating that. Is there anything else that they should No walking away from this episode that you want to leave them with today.

Michael Marical  30:05  

Gosh, there's so so much that comes to mind Courtney Elmer. If it's my one mountaintop moment, one moment one, the one thing I'm going to get close to the microphone on this one, when you are authentic to yourself, you attract what's meant for you. And with that being said, that means whether it's TEDx, or your social media or your life, I think the people that find true happiness in their business, their lives are when they are fully themselves, and fully integrated, you know, whether they're in business on this podcast, hanging out with their kiddos, you know, on stage, you know, what you see here, this is exactly how I show up all around, it's taken me a lot, a lot to get to that point where I'm just comfortable in my own skin.

Michael Marical

 This is how I talk, I have discussions like this with my, my 10 year old daughter, like this is the vibe that that you get, you know, sometimes a little more goofy with my daughter, you get more dad jokes, etc, you can kind of guess, but, you know, it's, it's, it's that. And so when we start looking at really moving the needle on changing this planet, it's that that subconscious permission slip that you give other people just by being yourself, and winning because of it. So that would be that would be my one thing. And it's not so businessy. But, you know, being anti fragile, like nobody can crack me, I'm going to tell you, I just I love who I am, I'm fully, you know, I respect my past, and what's helped me to get to this point. That's anti fragile, you know, if we carry that into business, and every sphere of influence that we have, I mean, life becomes fun, and it gives us a little bit more than what we've even asked for. So I love

Courtney Elmer  31:50  

that. And it business is personal, right? I mean, it is as much personal as it is businesses. And so I feel like even though there are some schools of thought, that's just strictly business, all business and nothing but the business. For me, I believe, you know, there's a human running their business, and the business would not be a business on its own, without the human Hyo you MA in behind it right. And that, we have to remember that, especially as we as we show up in our lives, and in our work, that that's the thing that people connect with, that's going to be the thing that is the difference maker. And it makes so much sense, you know, from a TEDx stage, or whether it's a one on one call that you're doing to enroll someone into your program, right, they're gonna connect with you. 

Courtney Elmer 

And not the version of you that you think you need to be. So, so powerful. Thank you for sharing that. And Michael, I know that you guys have a really popular webinar that y'all have just blown out of the water, if so many people have attended this thing. So many people get so much value from this, if someone's listening, and they want to figure out, okay, TEDx who feel a little excited, feel a little terrified, but I want to find out more, this would be a good place for them to go right to kind of learn the ins and outs and the process that you take them through. And you walked a little bit through that today. But if they want more information on how to work with you guys how to get on a TEDx stage, where should they go to find that?

Michael Marical  33:16  

Courtney Elmer, the best resource would be the website. It's thought dash that has literally our backstory, you know, info on our team, all the all the nerdy stuff, but there is a link to actually sign up for that webinar. It's on demand, it's ready to be viewed. And it is it's incredible. It's run by my partner Taylor, who is a magnetic character in in himself, and is an incredible human being. So people love that training. We go into the nuts and bolts of TEDx. And it's awesome. But yeah, the website thought dash Like that would be the best. Yep,

Courtney Elmer  33:55  

got it. And we'll link to that in the show notes too. So for you listening, just scroll down, you'll see it right there. LinkedIn, you can jump right over there. Michael, thank you for being here today for your time for all the wisdom and knowledge and insight that you shared. I'm so grateful.

Michael Marical  34:08  

Courtney Elmer, this was a pleasure. I'm honored to be here and and great to know you. You're freaking gem of a human being. So I appreciate it. I appreciate the invitation to be here. So thank you.

Courtney Elmer  34:20  

Thank you so much for joining us today for another episode of anti fragile entrepreneurship. If you want to connect with Michael and Taylor over at thought leader, make sure you head to the shownotes right now so you can get the link to that free on demand masterclass that he just shared here on air and book a call to see how the thought leader team can help you land a TEDx talk and fill your business with new revenue. So you can sell more books or coaching or courses or get paid speaking gigs or podcast sponsorships, you name it. Now, if you like the show, it would mean a lot to me if you share this episode with a friend and if you love this show, it would really really mean a lot To me, if you leave a review, here's the thing most people listening to podcasts don't realize how impactful their review really is. Because number one, it helps other people find the show other people who need to hear what we share here on this show for growing your business or growing a self sustaining business.

Courtney Elmer 

 And it doesn't have to take a lot of your time. I mean, one sentence is all it takes. That's all we need to be able to continue providing you with the kind of content that you want to see here on the show. And if you want more from me, make sure you come hang out with me on Instagram, I'm there at the Courtney Elmer. And I'm always there sharing tips in my stories and on my feed about how to build a self sustaining business, how to get better systems in place, how to streamline the backend of your business, so you can scale and how to leverage your expertise through podcasting. We talk a lot about that over on my Instagram. So coming up next week on the show, we're going to be talking about how to silence your inner dictator. You know, that little voice in your head that is always causing you doubt that is always giving you grief for the decisions that you make, or the decisions that you don't make the ones that feel the most difficult to make, because that little voice is getting in the way. So join me back here next week to learn how to silence your inner dictator for good. So it doesn't get in the way of the growth and the income and the impact that you deserve. So join me back here next week and until then, let's go out and grow through what we go through. Together.

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