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Tracy Crossley

Owner at Intuitive Reinvention

Tracy Crossley innovates in a crowded marketplace of coaches, counselors and mentors. She has perfected a method for real change no matter what circumstances are occurring in the life of an individual; personally or in business. With her background in business, marketing, psychology, ontological coaching, emotional intelligence and intuitive abilities, Tracy is the gamechanger for women leaders looking to reinvent how they live and lead from the inside out. She has been known to say she can build the perfect leader for the present and the future.

March 28, 2023

How to Silence Your Inner Dictator with Tracy Crossley

How would you define insecure attachment? Even if you know what insecure attachment is, you’ve likely never thought about how it relates to your ability to run and grow a business successfully. In this episode, Tracy Crossley...

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